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Well, I promised to pimp this here after the fest reveals so... :)

Title: Incremental
Author: [personal profile] kat_lair  / Mistress Kat 
Fandom: Timeless
Pairing: Lucy/Wyatt, background Jiya/Rufus
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 8,043
Warnings: spoilers for season 1 finale, veeeery light d/s femdom vibe
Disclaimer: Not mine only playing. Also, a historical disclaimer: I did as much research as I had time for, have kept things vague when I wasn’t sure and claim a certain amount of artistic licence (e.g. I know King visited Bombay but have no idea how long he actually spent there). However, please tell me if I got something glaringly wrong!

Summary: "We all deserve to be happy," Wyatt says, holding her gaze.

Author notes: Written as part of the [community profile] rarepairfest  for useyourtelescope (thedreamygirl) whose request letter provided lots of good information and whose likes matched mine rather well. I should perhaps disclose that this is my first time writing in this fandom, and first time in, oh, almost two years, writing het :D CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And hopefully delivered to some degree... A thousand thank yous to [personal profile] wendelah1  for a quick and thorough beta reading, which undoubtedly improved the final product!

Read Incremental on DW
Read Incremental on AO3

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I'm hoping this is allowed but if not, Mod please delete.

I'm looking for a Beta for a fic (Lucy/Wyatt, PG-13, ~8k) and really would like someone who could check for glaring canon boo-boos, hence my usual go to person who doesn't know the show at all is out. SPAG check also welcome, but I'm usually pretty good with that so this shouldn't be too taxing in that regard.

Fic is almost finished (literally typing up final scene at the moment). The catch is that I would need it back on the 18th as it's for an exchange...

Pretty please with a ficlet of your choice on top?

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Because I am OBSESSED with this show, I check the internet constantly for updates on Timeless. I don't know how I missed this.

From tvshowsondvd.com: Timeless - North American Release Date Found for 'Season 1' of NBC's Show. Mid-September release date, according to Amazon.ca (Canada)

The release date is September 19th. It is available for pre-order on Amazon.CA, for $25.50, and on Amazon.com for $35.99. This site. I swear to God, just two minutes later and the price has dropped to $25.52, which is still five US dollars more than you're selling it for in Canada, guys. (Why is Amazon so slimy?)

For what it's worth, I for one am still eager to discuss the season one finale and the season two spoilers from SDCC: Their only demand was that we call it "CHICAGO TIMELESS".

A quick reminder, [personal profile] jebbypal has posted two challenges: moving pictures and baggage. (Because I am a really slow writer, I'm still working on "baggage." If I'm lucky, I'll have it done by challenge ten.)

And if you're looking for more inspiration, [tumblr.com profile] timeless_fanfic_prompts has posted three regular prompts and two "crack" prompts: August Contest Prompts. This is the contest with the lengthy list of rules but you don't have to follow them. You could just write (or icon or vid or draw) the prompts. Since I'm already working on "baggage" plus a crack prompt of my own, The Best Time Travel/Romance Prompt Ever for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship, my writing plate is pretty full.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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Has everyone see this? Minor spoilers.

How about this? Same minor spoilers as above vid, plus a few spoilers for episodes still in the planning stages.

'Timeless' Team Celebrates Resurrection, Teases "Complicated" Season 2 Dynamics

The vid referenced in the above article isn't visible for me (already!) so here's a link: Calling all Timeless fans: This Comic Con video is just for you. Watch it fast before it gets taken down, too.

These guys! They are so much fun to watch together. I had no idea that Abigail Spencer is such a chatterbox as well as a wonderful actor. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

What I want to talk about is (1) the season finale and (2) what all of that means for the next season. (Really I want to talk about everything but one problem at a time.)

Flynn is in prison, for now. What will be their reason for springing him? How do you think the changes in the team dynamics will affect the series?

We know now that an older version of Lucy gave Flynn her journal. Since he was carrying it on his first mission, back to the crash of the Hindenberg, she must have traveled back in time to do that. You could almost say he was using it as as his guidebook. Why did Lucy give Flynn her journal? How did she manage to travel back in time without sacrificing life and/or limb? What could have happened to make her take that sort of risk?

I put spoilers under a cut. I hope it works.

possible spoilers for season two )

That still leaves six scripts out of the ten that were ordered. What little known yet pivotal moments in history would you like to see the series put into the spotlight? Choose any place, any time, any figures in history.

Last but not least, what the heck is going on with Jia? She had that fleeting vision, for lack of a better word, of an unfinished Golden Gate Bridge superimposed over the completed bridge appear and then vanish. Is this her superhero origin story? Is she going to continue having these random glimpses into the past? Why was she the only passenger aboard the lifeboat that was affected?
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You can answer this challenge however you like: graphics, icons, vids, fanfic, interpretative dance posted to youtube, whatever. :)

Please post your responses as an entry in the community (rather than in reply to this post) and tag it with challenge response

Challenge #2 topic: moving pictures
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Do other people love to read about their shows? I do, therefore, I come bearing links.

History is cool! So is science!

Fangirl Blog: Telling Unrepresented Stories with NBC’s Timeless

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Timeless Finds Historical Truths via Time Travel.


Let's theorize...

Bustle: These Timeless Theories Connect Lucy and Flynn in Some Interesting Ways

Recaps of Season One. SPOILERS. DISCUSSION?

TV Line: Timeless EPs Talk Rittenhouse Twist, [Spoiler]'s Condition, Season 2 Plans

Blastr: Exclusive: Timeless creators tell all about the Season 1 finale and what may come next

Entertainment Weekly: Timeless Finale Recap: 'The Red Scare'

Vulture: Timeless Season-Finale Recap: Lost in Time

Den of Geek: Timeless Season 1 Finale Review: The Red Scare

The reason I am so adamant about mentioning spoilers is that I really hate them. I accidentally got spoiled last week for a different series I am obsessing about and it nearly made me reconsider whether I wanted to keep going with it. I still get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about what happened, too.

Eric Kripke's Twitter feed: Just saw some deleted "Timeless" scenes going on the Season 1 DVD. Cool insight into our weirdo process. DVD comes out mid-September


Here's one more link. Because on TV, time travel is a booming business.

From Indiewire: Time Travel on TV Today, Ranked From Least to Most Tricky

One more thing, the icons that I posted back in June are all hotlinked to Photobucket. I'm keeping an eye on them. As soon as they disappear, I'll host them here. Did you know that Dreamwidth has image hosting now? Look in the "Organize" drop-down menu.

If you have other links you want to share, comment and I'll add them to the post.

Don't forget about our first challenge: "baggage".
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Hi there, it is your fearless, always disappearing mod. Don't blame me, blame Garcia Flynn. :P

First things first, housekeeping:
Thanks to everyone who has posted icons, banners, and plugged for other fandom activities. :) Keep it coming, so long as it is Timeless focused.

Two, maybe this will keep Murphy from causing me to time travel: anyone interested in comodding? Let me know. No worries one way or other, just thought I'd check.

Now, on to the fun part. I promised activities, I believe, unless the time travel has completely fried my brain. So here we have our first challenge.

You can answer this challenge however you like: graphics, icons, vids, fanfic, interpretative dance posted to youtube, whatever. :)

Challenge topic #1: BAGGAGE.

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Greetings. A big concern for a fandom when we know there is going to be a long wait between seasons, is how to keep the momentum going, how to maintain people's interest and enthusiasm. The fear is that inevitably, as the months of waiting drag on, folks will decamp to other, more active fandoms. This is a realistic concern, especially for a small fandom like Timeless, and one I share.

There is a fandom presence for Timeless on Tumblr, though I've never engaged with it, nor can I gauge its size. However, I do follow blogs there with content I enjoy. One of them is [tumblr.com profile] timeless-fanfic-prompts. I'm not particularly good at writing for other people's prompts, though for exchanges, naturally, I give it my best shot. Still, you never know. I might get inspired. Heck, I might even finish something.

To keep the flow of fanfic coming, the mod has decided to hold a fic challenge contest. Once a month, in addition to their follower submitted prompts, they will post three new, challenge specific prompts. After the deadline passes, through a random drawing, they will be giving away a $30 Amazon gift certificate.

I have to say, that's dedication. As much as I love Timeless and fanfic, you will not see me sponsoring contests to get people to write more fic, not even more genfic. There is going to be a Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the hiatus, prize currently unspecified. Everyone who writes a fic for the monthly contests, posts it at either FF.net or AO3, and notifies the mod, gets one entry per fic.

There are other rules. Some are sensible. For example, you can enter as many fics as you like but there is a 1000 word minimum per story. Others are phrased more like thinly veiled, if adorable threats. My favorite is the one where the mod says they will read your other fic (oh noes!) and if the quality of the Timeless fic has declined over the course of the contest, they will scold you! They might even help you find a beta! (I would consider that a better reward than the gift certificate, myself.) No one is judging you, though!

You may choose one - or all - of the following prompts:
1) “Not all love is gentle. Sometimes it’s gritty and dirty and possessive, sometimes it’s not supposed to be careful or soft at all. Sometimes it feels like teeth”. — Azra T. (via thelovejournals)
2) A character gains something they desire, but knows they will lose it again. This could be an object, a person, or something abstract. (from fanficy-prompts)
3) “The fate of the world is in your hands.”

Because I didn't discover this until yesterday, this month's deadline is coming up quickly: JUNE 25TH 11:59PM PST. You can read the rest of the rules here: Timeless Fanfic Contest.

ALSO. "We're gonna fic it, we're gonna fic everything!" is the best Tumblr title for a Timeless prompt blog IMAGINABLE. I love that banner, too.

Timeless banner

I didn't make a box thingie this time because I don't think anyone but me used my last one--but feel free to hotlink this banner if you want to publicize the contest.
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Hi! I come bearing gifts! A couple of weeks ago, I promised our fearless mod [personal profile] jebbypal that I would make a promo banner and, you know, promote the community. As I have no graphics skills to speak of, I couldn't make good on that promise. Lucky for us, I discovered the request post at [community profile] inconformista and voilà, we have a promotional banner. She also made me some Timeless icons, and gave me permission to share them here.

It depends on your journal style, but this stays centered for me as long as I place it well below my icon.

promo banner
[community profile] timeless_lifeboat
A new Timeless community at Dreamwidth

These are the icons. Aren't they pretty? Please credit [community profile] inconformista if you use them.

Timeless icon Timeless icon Timeless icon Timeless icon Timeless icon Timeless icon

By the by, my friend [profile] tinnny has made quite a few Timeless icons: http://tinnny.livejournal.com/tag/tv-timeless.

When we get a few more members, maybe we should do an introductions post?
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Hi all -- sorry for the slow start -- work promptly exploded shortly after I opened the community and I have had very little energy to post and plan while working 10+ hour days

So with that said, any member should feel free to post -- episode thoughts, icons, stories, whatever.

Please feel free to pimp the community as well

If speaking to specific episodes or hey themes, attempts to apply cut tags for anyone who is dipping their toes into the fandom after the renewal would be appreciated just out of a sense of community

Hopefully in 2 weeks when I have my minion at work start life will calm somewhat and I can make a more coherent challenge or something
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How about adding a Timeless fandom community to Dreamwidth? At least, I don't seem to find one when I search - feel free to promote yourself in the comments if I overlooked you.

please feel free to post any type of fanworks for Timeless here.

And as I get around to a rewatch this summer, I'll probably post some story prompts.

Timeless Uncanceled! - TVLine article

I am not a graphics person, so no timeless specific icon as on yet.